okay so i live in cardiff, and a requirement to live in this city is you must be a hardcore doctor who fan.

the tardis appears here and there in random locations…

we have a giant snake-like warehouse called the doctor who experience

you go in the tardis and the doctor helps you navigate…

you get attacked by daleks 

and the weeping angels (which is scary as fuck)

and the signs to find it are brilliant…

My Dad and I

  • Today, in the car with my dad, the radio is blasting my ears off. I was about to turn it off until I hear, "Benedict Cumberbatch is here at the San Diego Comic Con" and I literally flipped-the-fuck-out. My dad started at me and asked me if I am alright. And I reply with a simple "Yes I am fine" and continue on like nothing happened.
  • My dad never looks at me the same again..
  • O_O
  • The struggle of a fangirl...